Monday Morning Uni Watch

Forget about Black Friday — yesterday was Black Sunday in the NFL, as game after game featured uni-notable aspects. One at a time:

• The Jets did the stupid-ass solid-green thing. At least they wore the right socks this week.

• The Rams did the stupid-ass solid-blue thing.

• The Texans did the stupid-ass . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

More Uni Design, More Football, and More!

By Phil Hecken

Back with round two of the “Design-A-Uniform” contest entries for the Clarksville High School baseball team. If you missed the first batch of entries, you can see the whole thing here. Today we move on to the second set of entries, and they are every bit as good as the first. . . . → Read More: More Uni Design, More Football, and More!

Devaluing the Design Process, Pt. I (aka “Design-A-Uni”)

By Phil Hecken

OK, the long-awaited “Design-A-Uniform” contest entries have finally been all uploaded and flickr’ed (there were approximately 190 individual entries, from close to 40 entrants) that came in. That’s far too many to display in one post, so I’m going to be breaking them up into several different articles, interspersed with . . . → Read More: Devaluing the Design Process, Pt. I (aka “Design-A-Uni”)

Today’s Menu: Leftovers

Meet Tom. Unlike all those people who call their Thanksgiving turkeys Tom without actually knowing its gender, we know for a fact that our Tom was a male, because he was a capon, which means he was male by definition. And he was every bit as delicious as he looks here.

Tom was the . . . → Read More: Today’s Menu: Leftovers