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Monday Morning Uni Watch, MLB Edition

Phil already covered the Civil Rights Game in yesterday’s post (if you missed it, scroll down for his analysis), but there are a few additional details I want to go over today. To wit:

• They kinda botched the Reds’ NOB font, along with the number-to-letter size ratio. More to the point, though, . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch, MLB Edition

Father’s Day Open Thread

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.

I was torn between a full post and an “Open Thread” today. Instead, there will no main article today, although I will have some things below. Take a few minutes to reflect upon things today. The floor is yours. Anything . . . → Read More: Father’s Day Open Thread

InSANIty … Part Deux

By Phil Hecken, back again with SQL

Here we are back in the colored sani wonderland with an in-depth look at the teams of the Senior Circuit. In case you missed the first part, there’s the linky. Let’s get right into things:

National League East

Mets: I know I’m treading on thin ice, tinkering . . . → Read More: InSANIty … Part Deux

Charm City Road Trip Report, Hon

Great time in Baltimore on Wednesday night, as over a dozen readers convened at Racers. Here’s a rundown of who was on hand:

• Joe Hilseberg start e-mailing me about uni-related matters way back in 2005, so it was a treat to finally meet him. He said he thought long and hard about what . . . → Read More: Charm City Road Trip Report, Hon