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Trainwreck, or Just a Collision?

At some point in the last six months, weren’t we promised the banishment of those damn red Pirates jerseys? Seriously — wasn’t that a winter fan-fest sort of thing?

Well I’m here to say, “What the HELL? Why are they back?” And if the end of the line wasn’t supposed to be until after . . . → Read More: Trainwreck, or Just a Collision?

Citrusy History Mystery

Last August, I published my “One and Done” column on, which was devoted to uniforms that were worn just a couple of times. My timeline of such uni designs included the following entry:

1971: Brooks Robinson, who’s moonlighting as a sporting goods executive while playing third base for the Orioles, convinces team management . . . → Read More: Citrusy History Mystery

Forty-Deuce Redux

The Nationals, like every other MLB team, participated in the Jackie Robinson 42fest on April 15th. In fact, they were one of the clubs that dressed the entire team in 42 that night.

But apparently that wasn’t enough for the Nats. Yesterday’s game against the Mets was billed as “Jackie Robinson Night.” They unveiled . . . → Read More: Forty-Deuce Redux

You Say It’s Your Earth Day

MLB’s continuing drive to mark every single game with some sort of uniform tribute ventured into new territory last night, as a few teams trotted out the first-ever Earth Day treatments. The Red Sox wore a patch with the logo shown at right (unfortunately, this is the best photo I’ve been able to find), . . . → Read More: You Say It’s Your Earth Day