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Far Eastern Promises

Whatever you think of the advertising patches that were worn in the A’s/Bosox series in Japan, one question remains: Why is uniform advertising used exclusively in these season-opening series in Japan?

Our resident expert on all things Far Eastern, Jeremy Brahm, tried to address this question in Tuesday’s comments:

Since the beginning of the . . . → Read More: Far Eastern Promises

That Ain’t No Bagpipe!

I tend not to write about ice dancing outfits, in part because they’re ridiculous, and in larger part because the entire “sport” is even more ridiculous. But it’s worth making an exception for the British sibling team of Sinead and John Kerr, who pulled quite a stunt at the World Figure Skating Championships in . . . → Read More: That Ain’t No Bagpipe!

Play Ball

Did you wake up early to catch the A’s and Bosox? They’ve already set a new MLB record: most commercial uniform advertisers in a game. I count three: Ricoh on the helmets, Pepsi on Oakland’s sleeve (here’s another view), and EMC on Boston’s sleeve. Toss in the “Opening Series” cap patch and that thingie . . . → Read More: Play Ball

Uni Watch Cold Case File Revisited: X Marks the Spot

Almost exactly one year ago, I posted this entry, which concerned the players apparently wearing the “S,” instead of uni numbers, in this spring training photo. Twelve months and three days later, I still haven’t gotten a definitive explanation of what was going on in that shot (and believe me, I’ve tried). Last . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Cold Case File Revisited: X Marks the Spot