Uni Watch Profiles: Rob Recker

Back when I invited people to apply for the Uni Watch intern’s position, one of the finalists was David Sonny. Although he didn’t make the final cut, he had already set up an interview with Bengals equipment manager Rob Recker, which I encouraged him to go ahead with. He readily agreed. Here’s how their . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Profiles: Rob Recker

Around the Horn(s)

My latest ESPN column, which I thought was going to run today, ended up running yesterday while I was traveling. Some of you have already seen it; for those who haven’t, look here.

While researching that column, I received a contribution from reader Steve Johnston, who sent me a shot of the Hinsdale (Illinois) . . . → Read More: Around the Horn(s)

It’s All About Sole

By Bryan Redemske

Of the hundreds of posts here on Uni Watch, the ones I find most interesting deal with the unique tweaks and modifications athletes make to their equipment.

Todd Helton’s Mizuno-clad Nikes were a revelation, much like the first time I saw Nomar was wearing Reeboks in disguise. The Bill Buckner lucky . . . → Read More: It’s All About Sole

R.I.S.P. (Rest in Striped Peace)

Sean Taylor, who died last night after suffering a gunshot wound, was no angel. Off the field, there were drunk driving and weapons charges; on the field, he once spat in an opponent’s face and was known as a late-hit artist. But whatever else you can say about Taylor, this much is certain: He . . . → Read More: R.I.S.P. (Rest in Striped Peace)