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Saturday Open Thread

Why figure skating today? Because there’s little to no chance you’ll find appropriate Halloween costumes in any other sports this weekend. Have fun, be safe, and remember, striped socks go with everything. —Vince

FNOB Revisited

A few weeks ago I ran an entry about players who’ve worn their full names on their jerseys (or FNOB, short for “full name on back”). That post prompted so many contributions that I’ve decided to do a follow-up entry today.

The most interesting case study comes our way courtesy of Les Holmlund, who . . . → Read More: FNOB Revisited

And Did You Notice Manny Kept His Helmet on While Sliding into Second?

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: During Tuesday afternoon’s Red Sox workout, Manny Ramirez’s turban (it no longer qualifies as a snood) did not feature the World Series logo. To nobody’s surprise, they corrected that oversight in time for batting practice yesterday, and the logo was also slapped onto Manny’s dark . . . → Read More: And Did You Notice Manny Kept His Helmet on While Sliding into Second?

London Bridge(stone) Is Falling Down

See that photo of Jason Taylor over there? It’s not really him — it’s an “8-metre, animatronic version of [him], the biggest animated human figure ever made,” at least according to the photo’s caption. That photo and this one (also of the “animatronic version”) began circulating on the AP wire on Monday, in advance . . . → Read More: London Bridge(stone) Is Falling Down