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What, No Fenway Franks?

Editor’s Note: Reader Mario Fontana recently alerted me to a unique project he’s involved in. When I invited him to tell me more, he whipped up a full-fledged blog post, complete with photo links. I’m happy to present it here as a guest-written entry on the site. — PL

By Mario Fontana

In August . . . → Read More: What, No Fenway Franks?

Uni Watch Book Club: The Football Book

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: For months now people have been telling me to pick up a copy of The Football Book, part of a series of coffee table books produced by Sports Illustrated. Last week I finally got around to getting a copy, and sure enough, it’s loaded with . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Book Club: The Football Book

Monday Morning Uni Watch: Non-NFL Edition

It’s good to see that all the finest aspects of pro football were on display yesterday in London, where the Giants and Dolphins sloshed around in the mud for three hours before adjourning for fish and chips.

But Mark Roberts (or, as the wire service captions identified him, “serial streaker Mark Roberts”) gave us . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch: Non-NFL Edition

Sunday Open Thread

There’ll be plenty of college football stuff to go over tomorrow, but for the moment I wanted to let it be known that Manny’s habit of flipping off his batting helmet when he runs is getting to be beyond annoying. MLB should start fining him every time he does it. I wouldn’t be surprised . . . → Read More: Sunday Open Thread