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Saturday Open Thread

It’s funny how ridiculous uniform elements like color gradations and wraparound butt stripes can look OK — or least interesting — when applied to a sport you don’t care about, as seen here with the Pakistan cricket team, celebrating during their match against New Zealand earlier today. — Paul

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Field of Dreams

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: Last week, in the middle of our server changeover, I got an e-mail from Chris Hill, with a subject line that read, “Homemade uniform traditions from Rochester.” For some reason it came through in teeny-tiny type that was nearly illegible, and there were 20 attached . . . → Read More: Field of Dreams

See Spot Run

Something weird is going on with the Tigers (besides the fact that they’re flushing their postseason hopes down the crapper). It involves that little orange dot on the crown of their road batting helmets. Or at least it’s supposed to be there — but lately it’s been a little more complicated than that.

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Deuces Wild

Yesterday’s entry about inconsistent number typography prompted good assortment of follow-up contributions, most of them involving the numeral 2. Check it out:

• The Florida Gators’ 2 has a bottom serif when appearing on the shoulder (home, road), but the serif vanishes when the numeral is used on the chest (home, road). They used . . . → Read More: Deuces Wild