Gear up for the 2020 MLB Season with new gear from Nike

Future Shock Schlock Smock

Remember back in July when I wrote about the “futuristic” Royals/Mariners game from 1998, which led to all the similarly themed games in 1999? I’m happy to announce that one of the game-used Royals jerseys from that game is now in my possession. And within a week, one of you will have it in . . . → Read More: Future Shock Schlock Smock

Your Tax Dollars at Work

I could probably do an entire entry just on this photo. Where to begin? The upturned collar, the number on the sleeve, the vertical placket insignia, the amazing crest, the off-center belt buckle, the striped undersleeves — it’s a visual feast.

That shot (along with this one, which shows the same player with a . . . → Read More: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Monday Morning Uni Watch

I didn’t intend to use the same headline for the third consecutive Monday, but it’s not often that a simple mid-season NFL gameday offers as many uni-related observations as yesterday did.

• Loved those Redskins throwbacks, especially the nice, thin pants piping and, of course, the striped socks. And lookie here — an . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

Sunday Open Thread

Marseille arrived for their match with Auxerre with only their white and blue jerseys. These were too similar to Auxerre’s home colors, so Marseille was forced to borrow one of Auxerre’s alternates – that wonderful brown and pink number on the right.

In case you couldn’t guess it already, Marseille was so embarrassed by . . . → Read More: Sunday Open Thread