Sunday Open Thread

Very interesting day in the world of college football uniforms yesterday, starting with the LSU/Tulane hurricane relief ensembles shown above. I didn’t mind the white helmets, and I was actually impressed with how sharp the pelican/rising phoenix design looked, but the quotation mark flags on the LSU side looked a little ridiculous.

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Saturday Open Thread

Taurus Johnson of the University of South Florida had a message for the rest of the Big East and the nation during last night’s victory against #5 West Virginia. —Vince

Or as Chad Johnson Would Put It, León Negro

Aside from conference logos and the like, it’s not often that you see two players on different teams wearing the same jersey patch. But that’s the case with Kansas State’s Ian Campbell and Army’s Mike Viti. What are they wearing? A Kansas State fan who prefers to remain anonymous explains:

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None of the Above

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: The people were encouraged to vote, they let their voices be heard, and then a bunch of higher-ups decided to hijack the results and impose their own solution.

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