North of the Border Report, Eh

I was in Toronto for only 39 hours last week (about 15 hours less than I’d originally planned, thanks to a broken fan belt that left Uni Watch Ontario bureau chief Liz Clayton and me temporarily stranded in Sarnia), but it was an extremely uni-eventful visit nonetheless, beginning with Tuesday night’s party at the . . . → Read More: North of the Border Report, Eh

Dash of Hell, Pinch of Handbasket, Mix Thoroughly

Man, I go away for a week and an entire league goes down the toilet.

The trouble started just a few hours after I put up the “Gone Fishing” sign, when the Predators unveiled their new jerseys. I don’t mind the stripes on the sleeves so much (indeed, I’m on record as being a . . . → Read More: Dash of Hell, Pinch of Handbasket, Mix Thoroughly

Sunday Open Thread

When the Green Bay Packers saw how well this rider filled out a football jersey and asked him to come to training camp, Tour de France officials realized their drug testing policies might have a few holes.

[Insert your Tour de France, blood doping, drug testing, or steroids joke here.] —Vince

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Saturday Open Thread

First, another gigantic jersey sighting, this time in San Diego, where a huge Tony Gwynn jersey drapes over the side of the County Administration Building in honor of Gwynn’s entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. I wonder if this company made the uniform. (Thanks to Chris Coleman for the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL heads-up.)

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