Sunday Open Thread

Scarlet fever yesterday in Toronto, where the Nets wore their red alternates and revived their red playoff socks (additional pics here, here, and here). Plus virtually everyone in the crowd was wearing a red T-shirt, and the Raptors even used red bench towels.

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Saturday Open Thread

A rare case in which the pants down might’ve been a better idea: The Red Sox wore green jerseys last night, in memory of Celtics honcho Red Auerbach. A nice idea, but it looked like crap. Other notes from the game: Jason Varitek’s captain’s C was missing; this may have been the first time . . . → Read More: Saturday Open Thread

And Guest-Starring, as Himself …

A really interesting subject came up in yesterday’s comments section: uniform cameos, meaning players who made very brief and easily overlooked appearances with a given team. It’s a great topic, and one that really shows the power of a uniform. Take Pete Rose, for example: It’s one thing to remember that he briefly played . . . → Read More: And Guest-Starring, as Himself …

Aye-Aye, Captain

Yesterday’s post about baseball captains and “C” designations got me thinking about football. As most of you know, the C often shows up in college football but it’s rarely seen in the the pros. The only NFL example I’m aware of is the 1983 Cowboys, where the C was worn by Danny White, Bob . . . → Read More: Aye-Aye, Captain