Gear up for the 2020 MLB Season with new gear from Nike

Sweden on the Delaware

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: When NFL teams go the throwback route, the retro uniform usually includes at least some of the colors from the team’s regular color scheme.

That’s why yesterday’s move by the Eagles is so interesting. To mark the team’s upcoming 75th season, the club unveiled . . . → Read More: Sweden on the Delaware

One-Stop Shopping

Every week or so, like clockwork, someone e-mails to ask me where they can find striped stirrups for their softball team. Or vest jerseys for their kid’s Little League team. Or caps with some sort of special embroidery. I happen to know where to find all of the above, and plenty more, but it . . . → Read More: One-Stop Shopping

Portrait of the Artist as a Young TV Viewer

For last Thursday’s entry about team captains, I put a photo of Captain Kirk at the top of the page. It now occurs to me that the original Star Trek series, which I watched a lot of as a kid (insert all the usual geek clichés here), had a very formative effect on my . . . → Read More: Portrait of the Artist as a Young TV Viewer

Very Tragic

There’s nothing new about a tragedy from the “real world” being commemorated on a sports uniform. Sometimes the gesture is confined to one team, like the Rockies wearing a “CHS” sleeve patch after the Columbine High School shootings, or the Astros wearing a space shuttle patch following the Columbia disaster. But sometimes the . . . → Read More: Very Tragic