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Saturday Open Thread

(AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy)

Manny’s baggy pants have reeeeeaaaaaally gotten out of hand. Meanwhile: No more snood!

Uni Watch Profile: Stefan Fatsis

(Photo: Andrew Mason/

In 1963, the writer George Plimpton (known to the younger ones among you as “that guy who keeps saying, ‘And a hot plate!’ during the spelling bee episode of The Simpsons ) worked out with the Detroit Lions during their training camp. This experiment became the basis for his book Paper . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Profile: Stefan Fatsis

Gimme Fives

We all know about the Negro Leagues. But what you might not know about — or at least I didn’t until reader Jordan Woodson recently brought it to my attention, although it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that everyone else was already clued in — is the Black Fives, a term that loosely and . . . → Read More: Gimme Fives

PING… Ping… ping… [THUD]

[Editor’s Note: Just learned that this week’s ESPN column, which was originally slated to run on Thursday, is instead running today — here’s the link. Meanwhile, today’s blog entry is written by Uni Watch intern Vince Grzegorek.]

I recently came across this photo of a House of David baseball team from 1933. Nothing completely . . . → Read More: PING… Ping… ping… [THUD]