Lion Attacks Finally Explained

I’ve got a small piece about Media Day on Page 2 today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: What is it about the NFL postseason that causes some cities to completely lose their minds? Those purple street lights in Baltimore, for example — that’s just nuts (and believe me, I’d say the same thing if . . . → Read More: Lion Attacks Finally Explained

Full Metal Jacket

Two weeks back I wrote about Lovie Smith’s inflatable pump jacket. Now, in the interests of equal time, here’s a note I received a few days ago from Colby Taylor, CEO of Innovative Sports, who has some choice words for Lovie’s outerwear:

Just so you know, that Reebok pump jacket is a rip-off of . . . → Read More: Full Metal Jacket

Cézanne Estate Nets Hefty Licensing Fee from Bucs

Back in September, I was given a look at the new MLB designs for the 2007 season, on the condition that I not divulge or discuss any of them prior to their official release dates. Most of them, like the Reds’ and Diamondbacks’ makeovers, were pretty conventional. Then I looked at the new Pirates . . . → Read More: Cézanne Estate Nets Hefty Licensing Fee from Bucs

Seeing Stars Stripes

One winter all-star game down, two to go. The NBA All-Star Game package was unveiled yesterday, and the big news is that the league has finally succumbed to logo creep. The Adidas logo has been stamped on the shorts, marking the first time that a manufacturer’s logo has appeared on an NBA game . . . → Read More: Seeing Stars Stripes