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White Glove Treatment

Lots of good uni-related action last night in Major League Baseball, beginning in St. Louis, where Brewers pitcher Chris Spurling took the mound in the bottom of the 7th wearing a white glove. As we’ve discussed before, this is technically against the rules (position players can wear light-colored gloves, but not pitchers), although it’s . . . → Read More: White Glove Treatment

Sock Exchange

Got a communiqué on Tuesday evening from Uni Watch Wisconsin bureau chief the Rev. Nørb, who was listening to the Cubs/Brewers game on the radio at work. Nørb reported that Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker had just held delivered a “rambling dissertation” about “the days when men were men and wore their pants up high,” . . . → Read More: Sock Exchange

Underbill Update No. 389

As most of you know, I’ve been mildly obsessed this season with the growing phenomenon of MLB players who write things under their cap visors. (For those who missed it, here’s the ESPN column I devoted to this topic a few months back.) Then, in a separate underbill development, a few weeks ago I . . . → Read More: Underbill Update No. 389

The Future Looks (B)Leak

In case you missed it in yesterday’s Comments section, there was a lot of chatter about the new Reds and Diamondbacks logos. The discussion was primarily due to a Deadspin item that appeared yesterday, which in turn was prompted by a long thread last week on Chris Creamer‘s message boards, which had itself been . . . → Read More: The Future Looks (B)Leak