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Mug Shot

Two significant Uni Watch developments today, starting with the annual college football roundup over on ESPN — here’s the link. Thanks to everyone who let me know about this year’s uniform changes.

The other big news is that we’ve finally got Uni Watch merchandise for sale. Just coffee mugs and T-shirts for now (although . . . → Read More: Mug Shot

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Everyone knows about the White Sox’s one-game experiment wearing shorts in 1976. But you might not know that the Chisox weren’t the only professional baseball team to wear shorts, nor were they the first. That distinction goes to the Hollywood Stars, a triple-A team that paired pinstriped shorts with non-pinstriped pullovers in 1950. The . . . → Read More: Who Wears Short Shorts?

Green Beret

Last month we discussed several ballplayers whose caps have had a tendency to fall off, including Mike MacDougal, Jim Bouton, and John Pacella. (For those who missed it, the full treatment is here.) But those were all pitchers — it’s much rarer to find a position player with cap-retention problems. In fact, I’m not . . . → Read More: Green Beret

Cream City Recap

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just show up in a city far from home, announce your presence, and have a bunch of cool strangers come out of the woodwork to play with you? That’s what happened to me in Milwaukee on Thursday night, as about a dozen Uni Watchers joined me for . . . → Read More: Cream City Recap