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A Good Eye for Small Details


Uni Watch is pretty good when it comes to noticing the little things. But Uni Watch readers are often even better, and several of them contributed some doozies over the weekend. Check it out:

Bryan Henniger noticed something funny when Rich Aurilia came up to pinch-hit on June 21st: As Aurilia approached the plate, he reached into his belt loop and produced a small canister, which he then brought up to his nose. Henniger thought it might be smelling salts, but Uni Watch figured it was probably a nasal decongestant. And sure enough, it turns out Aurilia has a history of allergies.

Christopher Fleming writes: “Todd Jones’s throwing-arm sleeve is tailored noticeably shorter and tighter than his left sleeve” (additionals views are available here, here, and here). Lots of players wear uneven undersleeves, but this is the first time Uni Watch can recall seeing a player with uneven jersey sleeves. Anyone know of any similar examples?

• Actually, Carl Morrison noticed a similar example at the Booz Allen Classic on Sunday, where Ben Curtis appeared to have uneven sleeves.

• As we all know by now, FIFA maintains extremely tight control over the World Cup branding, logos, and pretty much everything else. But Thomas Courtman notes that Massimo Busacca, who refereed Saturday’s Mexico/Argentina match, had a little Christian cross dangling from the base of his whistle. Maybe Jesus is an official sponsor.

• And while watching Sunday’s A’s/Giants game, Mike Lichtenstein noticed that the ubiquitous MLB logo was missing from the back of Matt Cain’s jersey. Looks like the logo was present and accounted for during his other starts this season, so this may be a rare case of MLB neglecting to slap its brand on something.

Big thanks to Bryan, Christopher, Thomas, Carl, and Mike, and to everyone who contributes material. You people are amazing!

Uni Watch News Ticker: Good weekend for throwbacks, beginning on Friday night, when the Giants and A’s wore early-1980s attire. Both teams get high marks for small details: The Giants included their 25th season in San Francisco patch on their left sleeve, and the A’s nameplates were horizontal instead of arched, just like back in the day. … Then on Saturday, the Braves and Devil Rays turned back the clock to the early 1970s, which for the Rays meant dressing up as the minor league Tampa Tarpons. … And then on Sunday, the Brewers and Royals donned Negro Leagues attire. Dig those socks! … Speaking of socks, the Phillies’ players could learn a lot from first base coach Marc Bombard, who always wears real stirrups, complete with the Liberty Bell logo. … Latest flappage devotee: Jose Reyes, who wore his right pocket inside-out last Thursday (I was at the game, so I had a particularly good view of it) and has continued wearing it that way since then. … And Mindy Specht reports: “Albert Pujols had a back pocket out during BP on June 23rd. The following day, teammates Yadier Molina and Aaron Miles had their pockets out during the game.” Good story, but some quick photo research reveals that Miles had been exhibiting flappage at least as early as June 20th.

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