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Alvarez: One-Man Uni Watch Bonanza!

It’s always big uni news when the Red Sox call up pitcher Abe Alvarez, a unique player who’s been riding the Boston/Pawtucket shuttle for several seasons now. Alvarez, who was called up on Friday and made his 2006 MLB debut yesterday, is still wearing glasses and still has his cap tilted to one side . . . → Read More: Alvarez: One-Man Uni Watch Bonanza!

Past Perfect

The Pirates and Indians did the throwback thing last night, dressing up as the Homestead Grays and Cleveland Buckeyes, respectively. Too bad they wore their regular batting helmets, but they still get points for the cool rear-jersey numbers, the contrast-colored flap pockets, and the absence of the MLB logo on the rear collar.

But my . . . → Read More: Past Perfect

“Kill number 72!”

Saw something in last night’s Mets/Yanks game I’d never seen before: Home plate ump Alfonso Marquez, who wears No. 72, had his uniform number on his chest protector. This is the first time I can remember seeing an MLB umpire wearing his uni number anyplace other than on his jacket sleeve or shirt sleeve.

All . . . → Read More: “Kill number 72!”

Nike to Sponsor Borscht Belt Comedy Tour

How big a phenomenon is logo creep? So big that it’s spawned its own semi-dirty joke (contributed by reader Brian Hauck):

A stud athlete is getting down and dirty with a female fan. Off comes his shirt, and there’s a swoosh tattooed on his arm. “Oh my gosh! What’s that?” asks the wide-eyed vixen.

“My . . . → Read More: Nike to Sponsor Borscht Belt Comedy Tour